Connection AWS VPC to Classic RDS

in AWS

A while back we did an audit of what we were spending through Amazon Web Services to see if there was any way we could reduce our spending without having a negative impact on our users.

One of the big things we found we would be able to do was upgrade some of our production EC2 instances from for AWS’s older m1.medium to an m3.medium, and our dev/test instances could downgrade from m1.small to t2.small.

The catch was we needed to create those instances in AWS’s Virtual Private Network (VPC), and there is no documentation for how to connect that VPC to things running “Classic Mode”. Our database was running on a RDS instance that was in Classic Mode and we didn’t want to incur the downtime to move that to a VPC.

Here’s how we eventually were able to get our VPC instance to talk to our classic mode RDS.

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Debugging IIS App Pool Crashes

in C# IIS

We had a problem where a stack overflow error was crashing our App Pool in IIS. Other than that we didn’t have any information about what was cause was, what code was causing the crash or even what request.

This was my first time taking a crash dump and using it to debug and I was surprised at how painless it was. I’ll definitely be using this technique again.

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T4 Angular Template Cache

in Angular T4

There’s a few ways to handle you’re angular directives and they all suck for different reasons.

Store them inline in your directives

The advantage to this method is you don’t have to make a separate web request, and it’s the simplest way to approach templates. This is where I started putting my templates, and I continue to put some templates here if they are very small and more important, simple.

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XPath to Select Node Based on Child Node's Attribute

in XPath

Thankfully I don’t use XPath frequently, but every time I do I end up having to google something. Today was no different except that my googling turned up nothing on my problem.

I needed to select a node based on the attribute of one of it’s child nodes. Simple right?

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Prematurely Optimizing My Blog

in Random

This blog isn’t what you’d call ‘high traffic’. My big problem wasn’t load, it was keeping the site ‘warm’, so each user didn’t have to wait for WordPress to spin up and before serving the first page. Of course once I started looking at performance I went fully down the rabbit hole

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