Azure SQL vs AWS RDS Performance and Cost

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I’ve been doing a series of blog posts comparing Azure and AWS services that I’ve used in production. This post is before production usage, but I’ve been researching and experimenting in preparation for proposing moving our databases to Azure and wanted to share my results so far.

Before I could propose this move I needed to understand the cost differences. To do that I needed to know which level of Azure SQL was equivalent to our m1.medium instance at AWS.


An AzureSQL Standard Tier S3 database performs is about 7% faster than a SQL Server SE 2008 R2 database running on an m1.medium instance of AWS RDS. Price comparison are hard because AWS RDS has a sea of options to choose from, but if you meet the requirements for SQL Server Web licensing then pricing is similar.

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Azure Blobs vs AWS S3

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Part of my ongoing series comparing AWS and Azure for the services where I’ve used both in production. In this post I’ll be looking at the differences between Azure Blob Storage and Amazon S3 for storing and retrieving files.


  • Azure’s logical structure allows you to manage multiple containers at the same time.
  • AWS allows default documents and with that you can host a static site for pennies per month in S3.
  • Azure Blob can integrate Azure Search to allow searching the content of some documents
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Azure Search for Jekyll

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I added Azure Search to my static site built with Jekyll through the use of Azure Functions. Best part, it’s free*.

This example is for Jekyll, it will work with any static site. The only thing Jekyll specific is the JSON representation of the site, and any static site generator should be able to build that file. I’ve used (Pretzel and PieCrust as well, they are both nice tools, but hosting on GitHub pages has it’s advantages).

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Using Azure Functions to Detect Search Indexer Errors

in Azure

Azure Functions are a light weight way to deploy code. It’s part of the “serverless” craze. While I admit I was suspect of serverless, after just this tiny foray, I can definitely see it’s usefulness.

So here’s my real world example of something simple you can do with Azure Functions. It’s just the tip of the iceberg, but it’s better than a Hello Word.

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